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Chainsaw Mass Guitar
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A gift from the baddest man on the planet!! Andrew Brynairski AKA Leatherface had this bad boy made up for me ... it really sounds and plays great. I have a vast collection of guitars .... but this one will always stand out as one of the greats. I'll love it forever. Big Love to the "Human Wreckin Ball" ...... Thanx Bro!

Dan In The Movies
Dan recently had the honor of shooting some scenes with fellow guitarist Steven Segal for his new movie!
"Fight scenes were very cool! I would like to thank Steve for all his kindness on the set. talk about a spreading yourself thin! Steve's got 3 movies in production, and a new CD out as well! What an ass kicker! Thanx again big man!
Nady Tube Amp
Nady's New All Tube Amp
Dan In The Movies
Dan's New Baby, Neil Moser's Hand built to Dan's specifications - Starblazer
Dan's New Baby, Neil Moser's Hand built to Dan's specifications - Starblazer
Dan & Andrew
Dan recently made a cameo appearance in the new film "Chasing 3000" along side good friend and Horror film icon Andrew Byniarsky (Leatherface from the chain saw massacre movies).
Dan & Bill
Writer Bill Mikita
Dan Set
Dan would like to thank the Cast Crew of Chasing 3000 for all their kindness. With a Special thanks to Producer Ryan Johnson, Writer Bill Mikita, and most of all Andrew "The Wreckinball" Byniarsky ....
Dan set
"Anyone who knows Andrew personally would agree that the director of the Chain saw Massacre must tell him to tone it down to about half throttle from his "normal" behavior in order to portray a hammer bludgeoning .... chain saw wheeling cereal killer. Leatherface is a kitten in comparison "
Dan Set
Dan On Set
Trevor & Rory
The film stars Ray Liotta as Adult Mickey
Rory Culkin as Roger
Trevor Morgan as Mickey
Tania Raymonde as Kelly

More to come in regard to how Dan may be involved in the movies debute